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Fascinated by the ocean, I have been immersed in the « waterman » culture since my late teens.

I have practiced swimming for many years before discovering the ocean through surf lifesaving.

Bodysurfing was the basis of my training.

Later, I then started practicing stand up paddle and surfing.

I am happy to be able to live by the ocean. I can go spearfishing when it is flat and surf when I want.

The last few year I have started focusing more on big waves riding with my girl friend, pro surfer Justine Dupont.

bodysurf fred david



Bodysurf Fred David

Bodysurfing is the art of surfing a wave by only using its body and additionally a pair of fins.

Fred travelled around the world to participate in the different competitions, meet the local communities and realize videos.

He took away in multiple time French championships and other national competitions.

Hehas also won several competitions in Hawaii like those of Waimea Shorebreak or Pyramid Rock.

His better results were during the famous Pipeline Bodysurf Classic in Hawaii where he has reached the finales at 3 occasions. He placed 2nd in 2008 for his first participation what is the better result for a not American on this spot.

He also took away the World Bodysurfing Championships in California in 2012.

Today bodysurfing makes whole part of his training for big waves surfing.

Big waves surfing

Since winter, 2016, Fred makes a big waves surfing team with his partner Justine Dupont.

On one side, Fred brings his qualities of lifesaver to the duet while of the other Justine doesn’t stop proving that she is one of the best big waves surfer in the world.

In 2017, in the spot of Nazare, Portugal, he has towed Justine on the biggest wave ever surfed by a woman. On his side, he has been surfing one of the biggest tube ever in Nazare. They have both been nominated in XXL Awards rewarding the best big waves surfers of the year.

Fred David Nazare

Justine Dupont

Justine is one of best Waterwoman in the world.

Longboarding vice world champion, big waves surfing vice world champion, stand up paddle vice European champion, former member of the feminine world elite of surfing, Justine’s prize list is impressive of diversity.

Justine has beatten several times the record of the biggest wave surfed by a woman. On the last occasion, she was towed by Fred on the famous spot of Nazare, Portugal.

Oceanman Experience

Fred David Bodysurf lessons

In 2015, Fred opened OCEANMAN EXPERIENCEa school through which he shares his vision of surfing and the ocean.

He proposes private lesson of surfing, bodyboarding, rescue, swimming but especially bodysurfing sessions.

It is the opportunity to share with him on the discipline and to benefit from his advices.